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Blur are an English rock band founded in 1988 and still active.

Band Members

The band members of Blur are:


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Blur performed live together for the first time in summer 1989 and released their first album Leisure in 1991. Since then, Blur went on various tours and published five live albums and eight albums, the last one, The Magic Whip, in 2015.


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Blur published eight studio albums:

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Further, some live concerts were published as an album:

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Blur also published compilation albums containing songs already relesed before:

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The following video albums by and about Blur have been published:

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Up to the end of 2015, Blur was nominated 81 times for an award and won 40 awards, among them five Brit awards (four of them in 1995 which is the highest number of categories of that award any artist has won in a single year), ten NME Awards and seven Q Awards. In 2016, Blur has again been nominated for a Brit Award in the category Best British Group, but lost against Coldplay.


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